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Handicrafts Technical Training Programme

Handicrafts constitute an important segment of the de centralized  sector of our economy. It is mainly a rural based sector which has its reach in backward and in-accessible areas. Originally, handicraft started as a part time activity in the rural areas, however it has now transformed into a flourishing economic activity due to significant market demand over the years. Handicrafts have big potential as of hold the key for sustaining not only the existing set of millions of artisans, but also for increasingly large number of new entrants in the crafts activity. Presently, handicraft sector is contributing substantially towards employment generation and exports but this sector has suffered due to its unorganized nature along with additional constraints like lack of education, capital, and poor exposure to new technologies, absence of market intelligence and poor institutional framework.

Exquisite master-piece handicraft items with substantially high artistic content should command a higher price in the market. Such high-premium medium- volume handicraft products should be positioned in the niche market through strong promotional and advertisement efforts with development of “Handcrafted in India” mark. Which will create the willingness in customers to pay a much higher price The artisans in the segment will also be supported through direct assistance
for tool-kits, education, social security etc.

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